bullet Orvill PARVIN (Twin) was born in 1859. Parents: Ephram PARVIN and Lucy HEACK.

bullet Orville James PARVIN (Private). Parents: Russel Edwin PARVIN and Mary Lou SOLOMEN.

bullet Osa M. PARVIN (Private). Parents: Benjamin R. PARVIN and Tennessee C..

bullet Pamela PARVIN Parents: Dennis PARVIN and Marilyn EELL.

bullet Patience T. PARVIN was born about 1810. She died about 1845. Parents: Daniel PARVIN and Abigail SHAW (OR THOMPSON) .

She was married to RIED.

bullet Patricia PARVIN Parents: Moyer PARVIN and Helen KAMENSKI.

bulletPatricia Ann PARVIN (Private). Parents: Elbert Euel PARVIN and Claris MALQUIST.

bullet Paul Wayne PARVIN Parents: Garland PARVIN and Sue MCMILLAN.

bullet Pearl PARVIN (Private). Parents: Isaac Newton PARVIN and Joye Belle LEHMAN.

bullet Pearson PARVIN was born in 1734. He died in 1768. Parents: Francis E. PARVIN and Eleanor LIGHTFOOT.

bullet Phebe PARVIN was born after 1740. Parents: Josiah PARVIN and Susanna HOLMES.

She was married to Adam HOSHEL on 6 Oct 1763 in Cumberland Co., NJ. (211)

bullet Phebe ? PARVIN Parents: Samuel PARVIN and Rebecca WALKER.

bullet Phebe Ann PARVIN was born about 1846. Parents: Samuel PARVIN JR. and Elizabeth CLAYPOOLE.

bulletPhebe G. PARVIN was born in 1875 in OR. Parents: James PARVIN and Selina or Selena or Selenia PARKER .

She was married to A. L. SHAFFLER on 6 Dec 1896. Children were: Infant Son 1 SHAFFLER, Infant Son 2 SHAFFLER, Robert SHAFFLER.

bullet Philip Earl PARVIN (Private). Parents: Auley Earl PARVIN Rev. and Alda May WILLIAMS.

bullet Philip Eugene PARVIN (Private). Parents: Clinton Fisk PARVIN and Beatrice WARD.

bullet Polly "Pop" PARVIN was born in 1827 in KY. She died in 1928. Parents: Arthur PARVIN and Elizabeth CARRINGTON.

bullet Rachael PARVIN was born about 1844. Shown in household of Lawrance Monfert as age 16, putting birth year as 1844. Parents: Samuel Ray PARVIN and Alice TICE.

bullet Rachel PARVIN twin was born on 26 Sep 1779. Parents: Josiah PARVIN and Mary CARLL.

She was married to Joshua REEVES on 20 Jan 1797.

bullet Rachel PARVIN was born about 1661 in Hornby, Great Smeaton Parish, Yorkshire. She immigrated in 1665 to County West Meath, Ireland. Parents: Francis PARVIN and Margaret SIMPSON.

bullet Rachel PARVIN was born on 10 Dec 1776. She died on 29 Jul 1846. Parents: Holmes PARVIN and Sarah BRASIER.

She was married to Enoch WARE.

She was married to John DARE.

bullet Rachel PARVIN was born in 1787 in Budgeton, NJ.(354) Parents: David PARVIN and Rachel LUPTON.

She was married to Thomas A. SAYRE .

bullet Ralph Glenn PARVIN was born on 16 Aug 1882. He died on 10 Dec 1933. Parents: Charles King PARVIN and Emily Angeline "Emma" VINCENT.

He was married to Mace Blanche ZIEGLER on 10 Jan 1905 in Smithfield, IL. Children were: Maxine PARVIN.

bullet Ralph Sidney PARVIN (Twin) (Private). Parents: Robert Conwell PARVIN and Elizabeth Mann ROOD.

bullet Randolph PARVIN died in 1971. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Parents: William Eugene PARVIN and Hilda L. PETERSON .

bullet Raymond PARVIN (Private). Parents: Robert Lee PARVIN and Emphis Minerva ARCHER.

bullet Reba Lois PARVIN (Private). Parents: Franklin Arthur "Art" PARVIN and Betty MADDOX.

bullet Rebecca PARVIN twin was born on 26 Sep 1779. Twin Parents: Josiah PARVIN and Mary CARLL.

bullet Rebecca PARVIN Parents: Beniah PARVIN and Susanna SHULL.

bullet Rebecca PARVIN was born about 1741. Parents: Jeremiah PARVIN .

bullet Rebecca PARVIN(355) was born on 7 Apr 1824 in Clermont Co., OH. Parents: Hosea PARVIN and Elizabeth FRANCE.

bullet Rebecca PARVIN resided at on 21 Jun 2002 in Fayetteville, N.C.. Parents: Wilber Rood PARVIN and Mildred Ruth CHRISTIE .

bullet Rebecca Jo PARVIN (Private). Parents: Conrad William PARVIN and Faith SNYDER.

Children were: Thomas Carter KUHL Jr., Kevin Joseph William KUHL , Kelly-Angela KUHL, Brian Thomas KUHL.

bulletReninah (?) PARVIN. Parents: Thomas PARVIN and Hannah SHULL.

She was married to CONOVER.

bullet Reuben PARVIN Parents: Alexander M. PARVIN and Caroline Lennox (Callie) DAVIS.

bullet Reuben PARVIN was born in 1817. Parents: Samuel PARVIN and Rebecca WALKER.

He was married to Mary E. in 1846.

bullet Reuben Lawrence PARVIN Parents: Daniel Clayton PARVIN and Betty Jane TADLOCK.

Children were: Donna PARVIN.

bulletRhoda PARVIN. Parents: Abijah PARVIN and Esther.

She was married to SHULL.

bullet Rhoda PARVIN was born about 1792. Date abt 1788 in IGI Film #: 170410 Page #: 374 Ord #: 14947 Parents: Holmes PARVIN and Sarah BRASIER.

She was married to Zebulon AYARS . Children were: Robert B. AYARS, Sarah B. AYARS, John C. AYARS, Lodemia AYARS.

bullet Rhoda Elizabeth PARVIN was born on 20 Dec 1827. Parents: Josiah PARVIN and Lydia HARRIS.

She was married to Charles MULFORD on 31 Dec 1846 in St. Louis, MO.

bullet Richard PARVIN was born about 1788. He died about 1817. Parents: Holmes PARVIN and Sarah BRASIER.

bullet Richard PARVIN (Private). Parents: George Ray PARVIN and Ovie YATES.

Children were: Mike PARVIN, Matt PARVIN, Tim PARVIN.

bulletRichard Dewey PARVIN (Private). Parents: Arthur Elmo PARVIN and Lelia Fern BALES.

Children were: Daniel Lawrence PARVIN, Dawn Alise PARVIN.

bulletRichard Horace PARVIN (Private). Parents: Clinton Fisk PARVIN and Beatrice WARD.

He was married to Marjorie Wells ALLEN on 15 Sep 1945 in Washington, D.C.. Children were: Jean Elizabeth PARVIN, Edward Clinton PARVIN, John Allen PARVIN.

bullet Richard James "Jim" PARVIN (Private). Parents: Claude Phillip PARVIN and Pauline DAUGHERTY.

Children were: Kristal Elizabeth PARVIN, Ashley Ann PARVIN.

bulletRichard Lee PARVIN (Private). Parents: Russel Edwin PARVIN and Mary Lou SOLOMEN.

bullet Richard Manuel PARVIN was born on 24 Sep 1932 in Los Angeles, CA. He died on 3 Aug 1949 in Los Angeles, CA. Parents: Gustavo Rivera PARVIN and Josephine BELL.

bullet Robert PARVIN was born in 1815. He died in 1817. Parents: William PARVIN and Sarah DAVIS.

bullet Robert PARVIN (Private). Parents: Albert PARVIN and Edna HASTINGS.

bullet Robert Allan PARVIN (Twin) (Private). Parents: Robert Lewis "R. L." PARVIN and Merle HENNING .

He was married to Sylvia Jean FARIS on 29 Apr 1966 in Cheyenne, WY. Children were: Cynrhia Jean PARVIN, Robert Allan PARVIN Jr., Mark Allan PARVIN.

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