bullet John C. AYARS died in 1880 in Camden, NJ. Parents: Zebulon AYARS and Rhoda PARVIN.

Children were: Letitcia AYARS.

bulletLetitcia AYARS. Parents: John C. AYARS.

bulletLodemia AYARS. Parents: Zebulon AYARS and Rhoda PARVIN.

Children were: Maria JESTER , Sarah JESTER, Mary JESTER , Rhoda JESTER, Robert A. JESTER.

bulletMary AYARS was born between 1750 and 1760. She died before Jun 1796. Parents: James AYARS and Hannah .

She was married to Theophilus PARVIN. Children were: Theophilus PARVIN JR., son PARVIN, Sally PARVIN.

bulletRobert B. AYARS died on 28 Jul 1871 in Philadelphia, PA. Parents: Zebulon AYARS and Rhoda PARVIN.

bullet Sarah B. AYARS was born in 1846. Parents: Zebulon AYARS and Rhoda PARVIN.

bullet Zebulon AYARS(77) was born on 12 May 1786. He died on 1 Jul 1862. He resided at in Camden, NJ. Parents: Elisha AYARS and Hannah JARMAN.

He was married to Rhoda PARVIN. Children were: Robert B. AYARS, Sarah B. AYARS, John C. AYARS, Lodemia AYARS.

bullet Abraham AYRES

He was married to Elizabeth KIRKHAM .

bullet Clorinda BABCOCK was born on 28 Mar 1805. She died on 10 Sep 1894. She was buried after 10 Sep 1894 in Old Maple, Susquahanna Cty, PA. Tomb Stone reads:
Clarinda B.
Wife of
L. P. Wilmarth
Sept. 10,1894
Aged 89 yrs.
5 ms. & 13 ds.

She was married to Lewis Perry WILMARTH. Children were: Polly "Mary" Jane WILMARTH, Warner H. WILMARTH, Amy A. WILMARTH, Lewis D. WILMARTH.

bullet Mary BACHE was born in 1589 in Sedgley, Staffordshire, England. She died on 14 Aug 1628.

She was married to Oliver FELLOW on 21 Jul 1608 in Sedgley, Staffordshire, England. Children were: John FELLOW, William FELLOW, Edward FELLOW, Ann FELLOW, Elizabeth FELLOW, Richard FELLOW, Thomas FELLOW, Sarah FELLOW, Margery FELLOW.

bullet Anna BACKLUND

Children were: Leola ECKERT.

bulletDoris BACON.

She was married to Leonard James REINERTSEN on 1 Jul 1964 in California. She was divorced from Leonard James REINERTSEN before Aug 1968.

bullet Carol BAILEY

She was married to Robert Gale PARVIN .

bullet Judith L. BAILEY (Private).

Children were: Kimberly SUTTON , Jennifer L. SUTTON.

bulletRobert Barker BAILEY was born about 1915 in Portland, Multnomah, OR. He died on 21 Jun 1981 in Portland, Multnomah, OR. He was buried in , Multnomah, OR. ! CARROLL FAMILY RECORDS AND OREGON STATE RECORDS

He was married to Olive Marian CARROLL in 1963 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.

bullet William H. BAILEY

He was married to Martha A. BIGGS on 20 Dec 1843.

bullet J. C. BAILOR

bulletAlpha BAIN.

She was married to Carl Bismarck GRIFFITH on 18 Sep 1897.

bullet Effie BAIN

bulletBAKER .

He was married to Mary Rodney PARVIN.

bullet Betsey BAKER

bulletBryon Sumner BAKER was born on 16 Nov 1858. He died on 13 Jun 1926 in Alfred, NY.

Children were: Rhea Sarah Eliza BAKER.

bulletRhea Sarah Eliza BAKER (Private). Parents: Bryon Sumner BAKER and Millie Eliza LUSK.

She was married to Orville Rollin HENDERSON in 1915 in Wellsville, NY. Children were: Kenneth Ward HENDERSON, Dorothy Rhea HENDERSON, Betty Jean HENDERSON .

bullet Rolla BAKER

He was married to Sue FERRILL on 8 Aug 1956.

bullet Thomas BAKER

He was married to Elizabeth EDWARDS.

bullet Lelia Fern BALES (Private). Parents: Posie F BALES and Mabel JOLLIFF.

She was married to Arthur Elmo PARVIN. Children were: Franklin Elmo PARVIN, Leland Eugene PARVIN, Richard Dewey PARVIN.

bullet Posie F BALES

He was married to Mabel JOLLIFF. Children were: Lelia Fern BALES.

bullet Sarah BALL(11) (12) was born on 26 Sep 1687 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. She was christened on 28 Nov 1687 in Cong, Nh, Ct. She died on 25 Nov 1760 in Wallingford, New Haven, Ct. She has Ancestral File number JR2Q-9W.

She was married to John MILES on 2 Aug 1710 in New Haven, , Ct. Children were: John MILES, Hannah MILES, Samuel MILES, Sarah MILES, Esther MILES, Mehitabel MILES, Susanna MILES, Daniel MILES.

bullet Peggy Nadine BALLANCE (Private).

Children were: Scott Lee SCHWARTZ, Gregg Allen SCHWARTZ.

bulletPeggy Nadine BALLANCE (Private).

Children were: Scott Lee SCHWARTZ, Greg Allen SCHWARTZ.

bulletMaggie BALLARD.

She was married to Davis Arthur BIGGS .

bullet Catharine BAMFORTH was born about 1678. She died in 1700.

Children were: Alice BERWICK.

bulletRebecca BARB.

She was married to Isaac THOMAS on 16 Jan 1817.

bullet Judith Elena BARBATA

She was married to Carlos Alan ANDERSON on 13 Feb 1958. She was divorced from Carlos Alan ANDERSON. Children were: Laura ANDERSON, Elena ANDERSON , Kathleen ANDERSON.

bullet Robert BARBER

He was married to Esther (Henrietta- Hetty) SHIVELY on 16 Dec 1804 in Buffalo Valley, Union, PA.

bullet BARHAM

bulletJulia BARKER was born about 1936 in England. She died in LIVE. ! CARROLL FAMILY RECORDS

She was married to Gary Duane LINKEL on 22 Apr 1956 in Sweet Home, Linn, OR.

bullet Alfred BARNARD

He was married to Esther TIFFANY.

bullet Catharine BARNDOLLAR was born in 1811. She died in 1890. Parents: Peter BARNDOLLAR and Anna MARTIN.

She was married to Samuel D. WILLIAMS on 13 Nov 1834 in Prob. Bedford Co., PA. Children were: Eliza Jane WILLIAMS .

bullet Clara BARNDOLLAR(78) was born in 1846. Parents: Jacob BARNDOLLAR and Elizabeth "Eliza" WILLIAMS.

She was married to D. Stewart ELLIOTT in 1874. Children were: Lerla C ELLIOTT, Grace ELLIOTT, Irene ELLIOTT.

bullet Jacob BARNDOLLAR(78) was born in 1809. He died in 1883. Parents: Peter BARNDOLLAR and Anna MARTIN.

He was married to Elizabeth "Eliza" WILLIAMS on 5 Jun 1854 in Everett, Bedford Co., PA. Children were: Clara BARNDOLLAR.

bullet Peter BARNDOLLAR

He was married to Anna MARTIN. Children were: Jacob BARNDOLLAR, Catharine BARNDOLLAR.

bullet BARNES

He was married to Jane HENNEN about 1805 in Green Co., PA..

bullet Alan Russell BARNES (Private). Parents: Francis BARNES and Gaynelle Ellen SNYDER.

Children were: Kali Erin BARNES.

bulletBlackford BARNES.

Children were: Jennie BARNES.

bulletFrancis BARNES (Private). Parents: Frank BARNES and Anna VOGT.

He was married to Gaynelle Ellen SNYDER on 3 Jul 1948 in Fulton, Oswego, NY. Aunt Gay filled out a Pg in her bible that states:
Married on July 3rd 1948 at Fulton NY by R.F. Brown
Witnesses: Rosamond H. Snyder & Fredrick H. Barnes Children were: Alan Russell BARNES.

bullet Frank BARNES(26) (27) has reference number 1296.

Children were: Theresa BARNES, Irene BARNES, Fredrick H. BARNES, Francis BARNES.

bulletFredrick H. BARNES(26) (27). Parents: Frank BARNES and Anna VOGT.

bulletHannah BARNES.

Children were: Caroline "Callie" SMITH.

bulletIrene BARNES(26) (27). Parents: Frank BARNES and Anna VOGT.

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